Welcome to my little space where I dump all the digital and non-digital artworks that I created during lunchbreaks at work, or while waiting for laundry to finish, or while watching a bunch of tv series , pretty much whenever i have the chance to draw.


Painting study: Bumblebee


The new trailer for the Bumblebee movie came out this week and i just got really hyped!
Did a quick painting study 🙂 will probably do Miles Morales next

Painted in ipad pro 2nd gen

Winston rodrei dizon asset

painting study of the new bumblebee.

I’m also attaching the painting timelapse exported from Procreate.

Procreate MerMay 2018 Finished!!

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Hi, i’m back!

The MerMay challenge was started by Tom Bancroft in May 2016 when he posted this on his Instagram. He basically invited artists to post a Mermaid drawing every day in the month of May… I think the purpose is still same as that of Inktober (to develop the habit); which I fully subscribe to. my drawing habit has really improved since doing these daily sketch/paint challenges so I participated in Mermay 2018. plus I haven’t drawn any mermaids before so I thought this is another challenge that it’s not in my comfort zone.

Here’s what I thought before starting this challenge:
Possibly I can do this during my lunch breaks at work. they will probably be just sketches but maybe will have nicer output on weekends 🙂 let’s see how it turns out. however, I fear I will easily run out of new ideas as I could only think of a few mermaid concepts. (surprisingly I ended up with a big variety of mermaid/merfolk concepts)

I did this year’s MerMay challenge following the prompt list provided by Procreate 🙂 (#ProcreateMerMay)

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 1.23.04 AM

Most of the entries I made are done in under an hour (sketch during lunch and finished before bedtime). Some were well-thought of, others were top-of-my-head concepts; on some days I had the luxury of a few hours to really paint in details;

Oh, and there are also some that got featured in the Procreate weekly top picks! something to be really happy about!

Here’s my Space mermaid in Week1 along with works of other Procreate artists!

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.30.01 AM

and my Venom Merman for Week3

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.31.17 AM

you can definitely see in my output how much available time I had for that certain day. there are some done in a few minutes only (i had a busy busy day)…


Day 13: Cyborg


Day 24: Office


Day 12: Ghost

while others were fully colored and rendered 🙂


Day 11: Retired


Day 11: Retired (Details)


Day 5: Swamp


Day 5: Swamp (Details)

In every entry, I try to come up with something new (explore other fish/sea creatures to combine with human features). I enjoyed making especially those with fun concepts. I got to explore different styles as well.

here’s the full set 🙂


Day 1: Space


Day 2: Steampunk


Day 3: Medieval


Day 4: Rebel/Imperial “Happy May the 4th everyone! “


Day 5: Swamp


Day 5: Swamp (Details)


Day 6: Deap Sea


Day 7: Arctic “Beluga mermaid”


Day 8: Artist


Day 9: Prehistoric


Day 10: Student


Day 11: Retired


Day 11: Retired (Details)


Day 12: Ghost


Day 13: Cyborg


Day 14: Rave “🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙 Tugs! Tugs! Tugs”


Day 15: Reverse “REVERSE how many can you see?”


Day 16: Superhero “Sea Lion-o”


Day 17: Villain


Day 18: MerMad Scientist


Day 19: Hipster “Hipster Triton”


Day 20: Goth


Day 21: Gamer


Day 22: Hippy “🌸🌼💐🌿☘️🍀Flower Power ☘️🍀🌹🌼🌸”


Day 23: Pocket


Day 24: Office


Day 25: Ninja


Day 26: Pirate “Pirate figurehead, for a change.”


Day 27: Zombie


Day 28: Vikings


Day 29: Wizard/Witch “Went for a Voodoo witch dictor concept”


Day 30: Sports “A day in the life of Sari the Goalkeeper”


Day 31: Futuristic “Who needs feet? She’s got gadgets and gizmos a plenty.”

hope you enjoy viewing this and share what you think 🙂 Any favorites?

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Narda x Diana

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cross over cross universe

Darna and Wonder Woman.

DARNA (anagram name of her mortal name, “Narda”) is of Mars Ravelo’s creations. (Filipino comicbooks)
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman of DC Comics)

sketched this crossover concept during coffee break at work sometime in January 2017.

used my phone to take photo of my sketch and import it to procreate, on my ipad.
Now slowly painting over the sketch smiley

trying some tones and subtle colors. at the time, I was still basing darna on Angel Locsin (one of the recent actresses to portray the role on TV)

April 11 2017

worked more on May 2017.

Finally finished on June 27.2017
Media: Pencil and paper, to digital painting with ipadpro + procreate.


So that was 6 months of on and off painting. iv been quite busy at work that when i reached my place i jst wanted to sleep right away.  even weekends i needed to do support work ( I work in the semiconductor industry as a systems analyst haha). so yah, only had more time and eventually finish this during the hari raya season. we had a 3 day holiday here in Singapore.  🙂

Let me know what you think, and comment below. Feel free to share 🙂

you may also follow me on instagram. I post regularly there if you’d like to see more of my sketches and drawings 🙂

Personal project: Baul

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Just want to start something. I dont know what to do with this yet. Will keep dumping character ideas and concepts here. 🙂
One of my goals in the future is to have my own graphic novel , or comics maybe. But that’s still further down the road so i will do what i can for now. Need to start at some point so might as well do something now, right? Lots of character sketches, hopefully will cone up with more ideas soon. Will just keep updating them whenever 🙂 woohoo! Cmon 2017! :

Might be random sketches for now

character 001

Character 010

Personal project: Baul


New sketches! (june 2017)


more sketches


baul_char_03  enjoyed making this character.


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Let Loose Let Live

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Let Loose Let Live


358/1000 Let Loose Let Live


You will encounter so many rules and different challenges while studying and improving your art.All of these might put so much pressure on you, make you feel constipated haha. but it’s part of the game. you jst need to let your brain rest sometimes. release.
so here’s me doing what I missed doing.. letting my mind afloat while sketching, not overthinking about it. let loose. let the fart come out. let live. and repeat. 🙂

Will probably use this blog more often now. Will continue doing my 1000 drawings personal challenge here.  This would by my 358th so far. the rest can be found on my instagram: @tuntunduduls

Sunday Support 

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Decided to start using this blog again, will share quick and fun sketches here.

Too many things to do, too many obligations and chores that takeprecedenceover you. I wIll always find time to do sketching that’s for sure.  Im doing operation  support today tho.  How’s your weekend going?

I finished Inktober 2016!

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Pepito and Paeng, cap buddies


Two recent character sketches i did during lunch break at work. What do you guys think?

Happy accidents :)
Team weird Cap!

done on the ipadpro using apple pencil +  #procreateapp

Pepito and Paeng by rodreidizon

Moo point.

Fun sketch :) Yes, an onigiri cap. Why not?

Moo point – i remember Joey Tribbiani stating the “Moo point” (Moot) hysterical!
It actually made sense when he tried to define it, “It’s a cow’s opinion… it’s ‘MOO'” :D
Portrait sketch: Paeng by rodreidizon
Done in #procreateapp

“Yes i have a cyclops cap, because i just do. ”

Pepito is a character that popped out of my lunch sketches.

Cap definitely inspired by Mike Wazowski  :D

I’ve yet to finish but definitely an interesting character for me.

Portrait sketch: Pepito by rodreidizon